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Things You Need To Know About Cameras In Casinos

by Radhe Gupta

What do most people do whenever they come across something interesting? Maybe take out their smartphones and take a quick photo or video so that they can keep replaying the moments. Can the same happen when you are in a physical casino?

Just imagine that you are in a Canadian casino having the moment of your life. You are making big moves and want to make this moment memorable. Will taking photos in such an establishment get you into any trouble? We linked up with our expert casino, Kevin Cochran (check his profile), who shared some insights on this topic: 

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Industry standards 

Most casinos and Baccarat(บาคาร่า)  worldwide have a policy that prohibits taking photos on the gambling floor. However, the rules have been relaxed in different parts of the world and Canada has been one of the winners. 

The age of smartphones now allows gamblers to take a quick selfie as long as they are discrete. You can as well take a group photo with your squad without getting into trouble with the casino undercover security. 

Are cameras that bad? 

You may be wondering why gambling platforms may have a policy against taking photos. The following are some justifications from the operators:

Most casino goers want to cut loose 

A typical casino goer may want to have a moment of his life without worrying what the world might think. Some casino destinations such as Las Vegas have been termed Sin City, and it will be undesirable for footages to get into the real world. 

Most casino goers will not want such photos to end up with their bosses, close friends, family members or even spouses. Lack of photos thus ensures that such people can have moments of their lives without worrying that they may be judged. 

Casino cheating 

Most casinos will not allow you to record videos or take photos of the gaming machine. Why? Operators understand that humans can be cunning, and they may end up studying the patterns aiming to cheat the machines. The gambling platforms want to ensure that they provide a fair chance to everyone who visits the platform. 

Tips for taking photos in a casino

Go small 

The casino is not the place where you go with a high-end camera set and lenses. Be sure that casino cameras will catch up with you and end up in trouble. A smartphone is one awesome casino camera device for taking those photos and avoiding trouble with the management. 

Do not photograph other guests 

Just because you feel the urge to take photos does not mean that other guests are comfortable with that. Some guests may even end up suing you when they realize that you are taking photos with their consent. Limit the images you take to yourself or your squad and delete those that captured strangers within the establishment. However, you can humbly request other guests to be part of your shoot if need be. 

Avoid sensitive areas 

A typical casino has different compartments. You should differentiate between the gambling floor and that which is out of bounds from guests. The first thing you should avoid is taking pictures of anything related to casino security technology. 

The casino management may be led to believe that you are planning a security breach when such happens. The cashier’s desk should be another area that you should avoid as it is very sensitive. 

Be quick at it 

The casino floor is not your thing if you are the kind of person who takes multiple shots of the same spot. Guests in the casino have not gone there for a photoshoot session but to try different games. Ensure that you take the shortest time possible. 

source: pexels

What about online platforms?

Now that you understand how and what it takes to take photos in a physical casino, you may now want to learn about online casinos. The Canadian online gambling platforms do not have strict measures like those in land-based casinos. Thus it means that you can record yourself or even take photos while playing at a casino online

Taking photos has become the norm for many people in the modern world. However, understanding the areas that you can comfortably take photos will ensure that you do not get into trouble with various authorities.

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