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Electroneum announces tech improvements and behind-the-scenes progress

by sem rush
Electroneum announces tech improvements and behind-the-scenes progress

The network was created to make instant payments between users and sellers of goods and services.  The mobile platform is under development, but it has wide functionality.  The philosophy of the product is its availability.  All useful properties fit into an application for how to buy shares smartphones on various operating systems.

 The Electroneum app for Android has been available for a very long time.  It recently appeared on the AppStore, allowing it to reach an additional multimillion dollar market.

 In the nearest future the company plans to create an e-commerce system, which, if desired, can be integrated with payment terminals.

The advantages of the Electroneum coin include the following features:

 • the cryptocurrency received its own unique blockchain based on the source code of the bitcoin blockchain.  Thus, the crypto platform received all the advantages of BTC and lost the disadvantages inherent in the largest and most expensive cryptocurrency; 

• microtransactions are simply carried out between different games and applications;

• the value of the currency is displayed with a decimal point, which makes this crypto coin more like fiat money;

• with the help of special mobile applications, users can easily manage their digital wallets;

Cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN)

The means for instant payments, as well as for e-commerce systems, is the ETN cryptocurrency.  The developers believe that the token will soon become a popular means of payment.

 ETN mining is unusual both in:

1.  concept;

2.  implementation.

 If you download the Electroneum app, then the mining farm will instantly find itself in your pocket.  The profitability of such an occupation is minimal, but pumping with crypt is at least pleasant.  To increase interest in maintaining the network, the creators entered into collaborations with several mobile operators who are ready to accept deposits in mined ETNs.

Electroneum price prediction 2022

The first years after the pandemic can boost the cryptocurrency economy. If the ETN team turns out to be skillful enough to maintain a coin’s presence in the Information Zone, many people affected by the financial impact of COVID-19 may like this easy-to-use asset, suitable for small and fast transactions. It is not easy to understand which price trend will be relevant for Electroneum, trade nation and the entire global financial market in 2022.  It is understood that first-world countries will improve their economies in the wake of the coronavirus, while many developing countries will suffer much worse and the crisis is likely to still have repercussions in 2022 in countries that were the target audience of Electroneum from the outset. Electroneum’s price could rise significantly in such a situation, because its ecosystem could be more friendly to people than banks and other official monetary institutions.  Our forecast is that 1 ETN will be worth $ 1.

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