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Everything You Need to Know about Rolex Sky Dweller

by sem rush
Rolex Sky Dweller

Since 2012, Rolex Sky Dweller watches have become one of the most favored luxury watches in the Swiss family tree. The brand is mainly known for its sporty yet elegant aesthetics that captured thousands of hearts. 

Rolex Sky Dweller timepieces perfectly blend the beauty and sophistication of Day Date and GMT Master luxuries. These make the model more appealing. It features various collections that will surely hook both gentlemen and ladies’ attention. 

Brief History

Since its first launch in 2012, fans have been astounded that the timepiece is not just a specialized aviation piece, as its name implies, but a much more comfortable, day-to-day luxury. The Rolex Sky Dweller was originally available in three styles: yellow gold, Everose gold, and white gold. The Rolex Sky Dweller price depends on its specific model. 

Until today, Rolex Sky Dweller remains Rolex’s top performer because of its internal mechanisms. Two of its key features that widely hooked hundreds of watch enthusiasts’ hearts include the annual calendar and dual time zone function. 

It’s The Newest Model Collections Of Rolex

Rolex is among those known brands that don’t release new models each year. Instead, they continuously improve their existing luxury collections regarding aesthetics, performance, and overall quality. However, when the brand releases a new model, it will surely be your newest favorite. An example of their successfully launched model is the Sky Dweller series. 

The Sky Dweller is presently Rolex’s latest newly designed collection, which has no link to any earlier models. The brand stands on its own and is initially designed for travelers looking for an incredible journey ahead. Some users often refer to the brand as GMT-Master II on steroids because of all its extra features. 

Most Popular Sky Dweller Watches

Rolex Sky Dweller offers a luxurious collection of watches for both men and women. Most of them are available only at reasonable prices, giving you a hundred more reasons to patronize the brand. Here are some of the best Sky Dweller timepieces that you can purchase now. 

  1. Sky-Dweller White 18k White Gold 42mm

This is a unisex watch from the Rolex collection that can stand against any temperature. It comes with a white case of 18 kt, 42 mm in diameter. The date is shown at the 3 o’clock position. The white dial speaks of its sophisticated look, which suits your outfit. This is available for only $48,449. Thus, purchase yours now. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Stainless Steel / White Gold / White

As they say, white makes you more elegant. This Rolex’s watch proves this common perception true with its sophisticated features. This distinct luxury timepiece features a white dial with index hour markers. 

It also comes with a  date section, which is evenly positioned at 3 o’clock. Your eyes will surely be captivated by its perfect combination of stainless steel and white gold, making the watch more durable. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Stainless Steel / Yellow Gold / Black

The Rolex collection is proud to feature this attractive luxury, which is perfect for any casual occasion. It has a black-colored dial with a stick index as its hour indicator. It also features yellow-gold hands located on its dial, making the watch more attractive. Rolex offers an automatic caliber for this luxury and a 72 hours power reserve. Its current selling price is $21,129. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Automatic Blue Dial Oyster

Rolex introduced this model way back in 2012, and since then, people are captivated by its distinct beauty. Nowadays, the timepiece is the most complex of Rolex’s watches. This model comes with a striking blue-colored dial with an 18-carat white gold index. 

Its featured stainless steel on its white gold case makes the watch durable while keeping it elegant. It also features a water-resistance for up to 100 meters and perfect for any formal occasions. You can purchase it now for only $28,999. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Stainless Steel / Yellow Gold / Champagne

If you are tired of a basic wristwatch and want to try a more peculiar fashion, look no further with this Rolex Sky Dweller luxury timepiece. This watch is widely recognized as the most complex of Rolex timepieces. 

This particular model has a majestic sunburst champagne-colored dial with the second time zone function’s unique features. Its whole aesthetics will surely stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Blue 18k White Gold 42mm

This Sky Dweller watch is perfect for those watch enthusiasts looking for simple yet sophisticated luxury for their wrist. It’s also perfect for those who admire nature and its vibrant colors, as it beautifully blends silver and blue colors, giving the timepiece a soft appearance. It can also show an extra time zone, so it’s great for travel enthusiasts. 

  1. Rolex Sky Dweller Champagne Dial 18K Yellow Gold Oyster Bracelet Automatic

This is one of the most distinct watches under the Sky Dweller collection. This displays two time zones at the same time and is ideal for world travelers. Designed with one of the most intricate calibres, this stunning luxury guarantees accurate timekeeping. 

Its featured gold Oyster bracelet completes the watch’s whole aesthetics, making it a perfect glamour and grandeur definition. You can have it now for only $49,499 and make your friends jealous with its timeless beauty. 

  1. Sky-Dweller Everose / Chocolate / Alligator

At first glance, you will surely be stunned by the elegant appearance of this timepiece. This attractive chocolate shade timepiece comes with an alligator brown leather strap, making it look more elegant. It also comes with an analog display with an extra timer function. Showcasing a peculiar brown dial characterised with Roman numerals, this timepiece will undoubtedly set a new fashion standard. 

In Conclusion

Without any doubt, we cannot deny the supremacy of Rolex Sky Dweller watches. Up until now, the model continues to gratify thousands of watch enthusiasts all over the globe. Its timeless beauty and aesthetics will surely complete your entire wardrobe. 

The model offers various collections for both men and women with distinct features. You just have to pick what matches your fashion preferences. However, since they are a versatile timepiece, you can also use them for any sports activities. 

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