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8 Of The Best Oris Watches for Men In 2021

by sem rush
Watches for Men In 2021

Oris Watches is one of the best brands on the market for mid-range watches today. As some of the best luxury brands, Oris’ line of watches is of the same quality but available at a lower price point. There are several famous Swiss watch brands, but one unique feature of Oris watches demonstrates its certain appeal to partisans of timepieces. This list will guide you to the best Oris Watches made for men. Check them out below! 

  1. Artelier Dexter Gordon Limited Edition Watch

A stylish yet modern minimalist approach to design, the Artelier Dexter Gordon LE is a wonderful watch for a modern man. With only 1,000 pieces produced, you can expect the price of this watch to rise as time passes. Dexter Gordon is a world-famous saxophonist for music lovers, especially jazz enthusiasts. This limited edition Oris watch also has a ‘Long Tall Dexter’ engraved on the back case, the nickname of Dexter Gordon.

The jazz musician’s name is not the only thing this limited edition watch has going for. Inside the fashionable appearance is the automatic Sellita SW 200-1 movement, which comes with a winding date display feature located at the 6 o’clock position. The sunburst dial and the conservative design perfectly represent the genre of jazz music, especially Dexter Gordon. The watch is also designed to provide up to 50 meters of water resistance, sufficient to protect against occasional water splashes and rain.

  1. Audi Sports Watch

Stylish and functional, the Audi Sports is one of the best watches in Oris’ catalog. True to its appellation, the Audis Sports delivers top-notch timekeeping precision. This timepiece features a 25-piece movement with an amazing 28,800VPH clock for implicit accuracy.

This watch is trustworthy with its sturdy titanium construction, a sapphire crystal window with an anti-glare finish, and luminous hands. Also, there is a bi-directional rotating bezel and two sunscreens that track 30 minutes and 12 hours respectively.

  1. Big Crown ProPilot Date Watch

For the aviation watch category, Big Crown ProPilot is one of the best. As the name connotes, this watch comes with a prominent crown. The advantage of such a large crown is that it makes it easier to operate a wristwatch when the need arises. One defining feature of pilot watches is the use of exceptionally larger hour markers, as readability is a key aspect of this type of wristwatch.

In the 41mm stainless-steel case, you get a relatively large dial that straddles the line and can be worn by both men and women. This is a simple, practical watch designed for pilots. As a bonus, the wristwatch is also designed to offer a 100-meter water resistance rating. The ProPilot comes in different versions, too, if you are looking for something with more unique beauty sneakers drop.

  1. Aquis Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition Watch

As the name the Great Barrier Reef, this Aquis model certainly delivers the same awe-inspiring ambiance. This particular Aquis model has been fashioned in cooperation with the Reef Restoration Foundation for proceeds to projects that help raise awareness and support the sustainability and beauty of the ocean.

This diver watch is highly ranked with its 300-meter water resistance. The strikingly polished blue dial also accentuates its aquatic theme perfectly. Inside the wristwatch is Oris’ in-house 743-caliber movement with an analog display. This watch movement technology also packs up to a 38-hour power reserve to a good extent.

  1. BC4 Chronograph Watch

The BC4 is particularly designed for racing enthusiasts. A look at the design of the watch will immediately remind you of the dashboard of the car. Not only is this watch quite fashionable, but it is also highly functional as it gives a trend of timekeeping details within its 43mm diameter dial. Amazingly enough, even with countless pieces of display information, the BC4 easily avoids being a visually crippled mess.

The dial and sub-dial are all given enough breathing space, and that is without counting the markers and other information set out in a brilliantly organized manner. The sub-dials also feature a complex non-cyclic pattern that perfectly symbolizes the unending flow of time. This watch is also relatively larger, with a case of 43mm diameter.

  1. Aquis Date Black Dial Watch

A more conservative and traditional watch is the Aquis Date. This watch is a great companion for both formal gatherings and casual daily use. Although it has a simple design, the creation of the Aquis Date is far from being standard. The lightweight design of this timepiece is surprising, given that it is a bit larger with a 42mm stainless-steel case.

This timepiece is also a valuable purchase if water activities are your business. The Aquis Date presents up to 300 meters of water resistance, making it suitable not just for swimming, but also for snorkeling and scuba diving. It is a traditional Oris watch that manages to blend into some modern twists in its design.

  1. BC3 Sportsman Advanced Watch

The BC3 Sportsman displays the strengths of the brand in a traditional and slightly casual style that conceals a highly complex watch movement technology. The BC3 Sportsman is very versatile as it confidently highlights its masterful approach to the aspect of wristwatches.

The BC3 Sportsman is formulated for casual and formal wear. It is like a chameleon, it blends well with almost every outfit and is fit for every occasion. Like all Oris watches, the BC3 uses the top-of-the-line mechanical movement with an analog display. 

  1. Big Crown ProPilot X Watch

One of Oris’ most visually striking timepieces – the Big Crown ProPilot X is truly a masterpiece. The Big Crown ProPilot X has a 44mm titanium case which provides it excellent durability without adding to its weight. The skeleton dial is always a good touch, especially for the watches that use mechanical movements.

The ProPilot X puts Oris’ craftsmanship in the full showcase, as it did not hold back anything when it came to its aesthetics. It is not just all the noise, though there is a substantive cut in the form of Oris’ proprietary hand-winding mechanical movement. Also, this timepiece has a nice water-resistance of 100 meters.

In A Nutshell

As Oris is known for its high-quality mechanical movement watches, each watch defines masterpiece and elegance, which you can buy at an affordable price. Check out The Watch Company and get your own Oris watch in just a few clicks! 

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