Spectrum The streaming giant has now acquired global streaming rights in Northern Pictures on the Spectrum, an ABC-commissioned documentary that follows people who are on the autism spectrum and show their dating experiences. On July 22, the first ABC Australia show in November 2019 is about love and the fact that there is no discrimination.

While Netflix’s unreleased dating reality shows have gradually become a central part of the platform’s programming, the team is now open to exploring interest in its content. With dating that makes things simple, without relying on cheat and plot tricks or The Circle, which serves more as a social experiment than a competition, Netflix has introduced the genre of unread dating shows. He has provided material that is not only entertaining but also aspirational.

Love On The Spectrum

Then there are Love Is Blind, a couple who fall in love despite never having seen each other, and Too Hot to Hot Single, who are not allowed to participate in any “Physically contact”, not between themselves, and not even myself. – Without applying a literal fine of the collective $ 100k. Such concepts were an update for Netflix viewers, particularly after being trapped at home and searching for something new to watch in the crash.

As the show’s contestants invite the cameras into their lives and allow viewers to get up close and personal with their love stories, they also clear up any misconceptions about autism and romance. For example, the first episode stars Ruth 22 and Thomas, 25, who is on the spectrum and engaged for over a year.

They are a unique couple who appreciate and accept each other’s appreciation. As they approach their fourth anniversary, Thomas has a surprise plan. Chloe, 19, who hopes to find someone who looks beyond her disability and likes many women, was not diagnosed with ASD until the end of elementary school. She does not know if she feels that she is in love or in love, but she does know that she wants to experience it.

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