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Dracula Season 2: Renewed Or Not? Release Date And Possible Story Leaks


It is one of the series which the fans like to have another season for sure, but as of now, there is no certainty regarding the renewal status, but there are compelling reasons too. Now it depends on which factor will weigh more, and this will eventually decide the future of the series. There is no possibility that the series is not under consideration, and BBC must be having some serious deliberation on the renewal of the series. So let’s see the intricacies which make it possible to have a second season of the series.

Although there is no official word from the BBC in this regard and there is nothing which one can guess without knowing the details from the producers. Though there isn’t a word from BBC, the creator of the series has good news for us as the creator Mark Gatiss did confirm that the series will make the return for sure, but the timings are still not clear.

Dracula Season 2: Netflix And BBC Scheduled Arrival Updates

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When shall we expect the series to air its second season on Netflix and BBC?

Since there is no official word in this regard, it will be a cumbersome task to tell an exact date, but there are supporting factors that indicate a 2021 release. The series has a lot of potential and fanbase; on top of it, the creator also seems to be interested in having another season. So even if there is a delayed announcement on the release, it will not take beyond three months to complete the filming process. The first season had three episodes, so the second season will also have a three-episode long series.

Once the filming process is over, the series will not take more than three or four extra months to air the second season. So it’s more of a decision than the process which can delay the second season. There is no chance that the series will not have another season, so keep watching this space, once the details are out, we will update you.

What could be the cast line of the second season?

After the death of sister Agatha and her descendant, their chances of returns are minimal. Although Dolly Well’s return can’t be ruled out completely and there is ample chance of her return. Her return can be made logical with a simple tweak in the storyline, and it will be sensible even then. The return of Mark Gatiss is still possible in all the possible scenario, as he is a character which might make its way in the second season.

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The possible plot of the second season

The finale episode was conclusive in a way, and there is not much we can expect to be in the continuation of the previous series. Once the details on the second season surfaces, it will be possible to make any speculation whatsoever regarding the second season. So wait for the details to come up and then we will give you the details on the possible storyline

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