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You Season 3: When Will It Arrive And How Will Its Exciting Story Lead Us


You are based on an exciting storyline where a killer who also happens to be in love with books ends up falling in love with two women. In the first season, Joe Goldberg falls in love with a girl named Guinevere Beck, who was studying at NYU, but eventually, he murders her and moves to LA to start his life all over again. He starts his life as Will Bettelheim in LA and again falls in love with a chef named Love Quinn, but in turn of events, he comes to know that his new girlfriend has also committed murder. This brings a new twist in the story, so far, the second season has revealed this much, and the third season is in the pipeline.

What’s the renewal status of the third season of “You”?

As of now, Netflix hasn’t announced the release date of the third season of You. So there is no specific information on the renewal status. There are a lot of facts which indicates that the third season could be announced in the upcoming weeks. Since Netflix takes around two to three months to renew a series, in the coming months, we will get the details. By the way, the second season made it aptly clear that the third season is inevitable as the series is expected to solve a lot of mysteries, and a hell lot of questions are still unanswered.

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Do we have the release date?

We don’t have an exact date, but the end of this year will be the perfect time to release the third season. This Christmas, it is going to be released if everything falls in place. There is no confirmation on this, but this can be guessed by looking at the previous release dates. The series premiered on 26th December 2018, and the second season was introduced on 26th December 2019, so the third season is also expected to be around Christmas. But this time, there are contentions too, as the COVID-19 pandemic has led to lock down on a massive scale so the dates may shift this time. As soon as there is an official word in this regard, we will update you with the exact dates.

What is the expected plot for the third season of “You”?

The second season of You had a hell lot of twist, which astonished the entire fanbase. The series showed that the guilt of Joe of being a killer faded away when he came to know his new girlfriend’s past. Love has also murdered in the past, which she was trying to hide under the veil of some incoherent logic, but still, Joe ends up believing her. They also had a baby by the end of the second season, which seems to bring a new aspect to the series.

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Though Joe placed a spiritual mask on his killer face and tried to portray himself as a father, things seem to go south by the end of the second season. Their new neighbour seems to have an old connection with Joe.

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