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Altered Carbon: Every Available Update On Season 3


The inception of Altered Carbon on Netflix was unique in every possible sense, and there is no doubt that the series deserves more seasons in the coming years. The series is an adaptation of a book with the same title, which is authored by Richard K. Morgan. The book got a visual representation in the form of a series in the year 2018, and the Altered name Carbon was retained. The series is unique as it is future-oriented while keeping the balance with science.

Recent research in the field of stem cells and cloning can be amalgamated to understand the reasoning as well as the possibility of having such humans, which are shown in the series. The series shows humans’ genetic information is saved, and the information can be transferred to new bodies called sleeves. This is something that lies in the core of the sci-fi series and the most adored aspect of the series. The first two seasons have been phenomenal, and now fans are curious to know the details on the third season. So let’s dive into the details of Takeshi Kovacs never-ending life and the nitty-gritty of the third season.

Altered Carbon' Season 3 Needs A Bigger Budget, If Netflix Renews ...

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Does Netflix confirm the renewal?

Not yet. The second season has been a wonderful display of creativity and technology, which makes it a winner, and this is one of the potent reasons to have another season. If we look at the genesis of the series, it can be ascertained that the series can be renewed for an infinite number of times, provided the fans are hooked to it till the eternity and Netflix is ready to renew it. The series was expected to make an official announcement regarding the renewal in the third season, but as of now, there isn’t any word over it.

The recent pandemic has delayed all the process, and in most of the cases, the filming has come to a grinding halt. There is no reason to think that the series won’t be renewed, so just hold your horses and let Netflix make an official announcement in this regard. Do watch this space for more details on the renewal status of Altered Carbon.

What is the possible release date of the third season?

If we see the previous release pattern, we can ascertain the next release date. The first season was released in January 2018, and the second season took a long shot, and the delay was a prolonged one. The second season was released in February 2020. So the delay was more than two years. If we expect a similar pattern, then the release can easily extend till the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

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So this is something which is going to happen if everything else would have fallen in place on time, but the recent halt due to the COVID-19, it can go way beyond the stipulated dates. So the best way out is to wait for info from Netflix.

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