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Wakfu Season 4: Here’s Will This Anime Series Going To Release And What’s The Story Leaks


The French anime which has its origin from the game “Wakfu,” a tactical multiplayer game. The game was famous among the fans, which eventually led to this anime series, and till now, three seasons have been aired, and now the fans are curious to know the details of the fourth season. The best part about the series is that both the game and the anime is the brainchild of Ankama Animations of Frakas Productions.

So the series is carefully designed and crafted by working on almost all the minute aspects of the game, and this is the reason why it has such a huge following among the anime based series. The series made its debut way before the game when it was launched in 2010, and the game was launched two years later in 2012. Although the game was ready in 2006 itself, it was a well-crafted strategy to land the series first and then come up with the game.

Wakfu Season 3

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The details on the cast of the series

The cast lineup of the anime has more than a dozen character, and this is crafted in such a way that it furthers the interest in the game. And the best thing with tactical games is that once the player gets hooked to the game, the player is going to stay there for long enough, and there is no reason to worry for the gaming studio.

There are a plethora of voice artists who have contributed to the VoiceOvers, and this is something that makes the series unique. The series is available in both French and English. The series is pivoted around Yugo and his friends. The name also knows Their group of The Brotherhood of the Tofu. The series is centralized around these friends, and the VoiceOver for the character of Yugo is done by Fanny Bloc(in the French version) and by Jules de Jongh(in the English version, but only for the first two seasons). Erika Harlacher does the English VoiceOver for the third season, and now we are waiting to see who will be doing the VoiceOver for the fourth season.

Do we have the release date for the fourth season of Wakfu?

Well, we don’t have the release date for the fourth season, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have good news at all. The showrunners have confirmed that the fourth season will be renewed for sure, and they also confirmed that the fifth season is also coming. The release was expected in the early months, but the recent pandemic may have affected the schedules as most of the countries in the world are reeling in the tough times.

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The renewal details are not yet officially told by Netflix, but the reason for the delay seems to be inevitable, but we are expecting the release of the series in the next couple of months, once things start to fall in place.

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