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13 Reasons Why Season 4: Will Justin Die? The Theory Which Has Made Fans Believe


Justin is one of the most important characters of 13 Reasons why and this makes him the topic of discussion all the time. The series has eliminated a lot of characters since the time of its inception, and now fans are curious to know if Justin will be there in the fourth season or not? This is a pertinent question doing rounds on the internet, and lately, fans have floated their own stories and speculations regarding his future in the fourth season.

Speculations and rumors have always been at the core of 13 Reasons Why and this is not the first time when a rumor has been floated under the veil of Fan Theory. Well, the show has proved over the time that the rumors are there because fans love to speculate about the series which they like the most. 13 Reasons Why has one of the largest pool of fans, and there will be hardly any fan who doesn’t make a presumption on the future of the show.

Will 13 Reasons Why Season 4

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The timeline of Justin Foley

Justin is a student at Liberty High School, and he has appeared twice on the tapes. He is associated with the first and ninth reason, which makes it inevitably the topic of discussion. He has been into a traumatic life, and the reasons are somewhat realistic and less filmy to be precise. His mother is involved in substance abuse, and this makes his life way too troublesome. To add to it, his mom’s boyfriend has also assaulted him physically, and this sums up the trauma he has been into his life.

He had a troublesome past, and there has been a hell lot of hiccups in his life. The usual high school drama where guys and girls cultivate over the top expectations and then end up hurting themselves. This is the reason why this show has gained so much attraction from all the age bracket. Justin’s past always comes into his way, and his mother’s substance abuse also had a dent on his personality.

Justin also jumps into substance abuse, and this seriously makes his life off-balanced. The series has tried to portray that his own will and efforts pulled him out of this menace. He comes clean and tries to stay away from this, but the demise of Bryce again dragged him into his old habits. He leaves his present clean life and still resorts to substance abuse. This is the reason why speculations are at an all-time high if he may die too.

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His relationship has also walked a tough road, and this made his life miserable. Amid the kind of things which has happened to characters in the past, it won’t be an exaggeration to assume that even he may die. Off late, most of the characters have died in the same manner where traumatic experiences trump over everything, and this makes their life more susceptible to extreme measures, which may end up giving up their hopes on life.

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