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Narcos Mexico: Season 3? Here’s Everything A Fan Should Know


The year 2015 kicked the story behind the most dreaded drug lords by Netflix, and the series took the fans by storm. The series was Narcos, which laid the ground for telling the stories behind the most influential drug cartels which locked horns with the USA. The series influenced the making of Narcos: Mexico, and as on expected lines, the series has been hit with the fans of all age brackets with a global outreach.

The second season hinged the storyline around the Mexican drug lord Gallardo who is said to have been the premiere of the Mexican drug cartel. Most of the cartels even working now are the direct result of what he did back then, and Netflix has given a brilliant picture of how things rolled across the years.

Narcos Mexcio Season 3

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So let’s dive into the details of the third season of Narcos: Mexico and every detail you need to know if you have been following the series.

What’s the status of the renewal 

Although the official word is yet to come, that doesn’t mean Netflix has any plan to drop the series. Frankly, it will be way too naive to even think of like this, and the series will be renewed for sure. Netflix does a broad assessment of the series, and this takes time, so it’s usual time the streaming giant usually takes. So there is nothing to worry about.

We were expecting the official announcement to be made in March or April, but the recent outbreak of COVID-19 led to delay in most of the renewals. Almost all the series have delayed their production process amid the uncertainties that prevailed after the recent set of events. Once this thing gets over, we are expecting the series to get renewed.

What could be the possible storyline 

The series so far towed the usual line where the dark realities of drug cartels are shown. Even this season, the series is expected to tow the same line and showcase the brutality that has been inflicted by the drug cartels. This season there will be some crucial changes, and the story is not expected to be revolving around Gallardo. The second season clearly showed that Gallardo’s presence has faded.

However, the downfall of Gallardo has come at a price, and DEA suffered major loses in terms of human resources and the assets they have cultivated all these years. The downfall of the kingpin is going to follow the rise of another leader of the cartel. This season the rise of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán will be shown, and this is something which is going to be more intriguing and even deadlier than the early seasons. Amid the loss of all the major assets of Walt, it is going to be way too difficult for him to contain the menace of the new kingpin.

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So this season will have everything which fans are waiting to see, and it’s just a matter of time when we will get the official details on the third season.

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