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Messiah: Netflix Cancelled The Show! Here’s Everything You Should Know


The much-anticipated series which was due for renewal has been canceled, and this has disappointed a big pool of audience. There were a lot of expectations from the series, and it did appear to be a promising one. The series so far has made a considerable impact on the audience but couldn’t make it to the next season.

We will try and explore the possibility of revival of the series and the reasons which compelled Netflix to cancel the series. The series had every element which is needed to boost the show’s performance. The series had a brilliant storyline with a unique concept that could have pushed the series to at least two more seasons. The actors were also sound, and they were able to establish a connection with the audience. But certain things must have gone wrong with the series.

Messiah: Why Netflix Cancelled The Show For Season 2? Here's The ...

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How did we get to know about the cancellation?

The information came from none other than the actor himself. Will Travel made it to twitter to announce that the series will no longer be continued, and the chances of renewal have been outrightly set aside. This made it loud and clear for the fans that they have to let go of the show. Many unanswered aspects were left unanswered, and this is something that hurt the most.

Anyway, none of us has a choice in the matter, but it would have been great if one more season would have been released to clear the air surrounding the conspiracy theory, which was hatched in the first season.

What could be the possible reason for the discontinuation of the Messiah?

The series was well-received by the audience. We won’t exaggerate it to be the best on Netflix, but many shows with much lesser acceptability and creative lacking still exist on Netflix. The average rating on Rotten Tomatoes was 44%, this may not appear to be a whopping number, but that isn’t a downtrodden figure either. There has to be something else because the reason doesn’t seem to suffice the cancellation of the series.

There could be another reason regarding the religious affiliations of people and directly linking god to the series may not have gone down well. Although this doesn’t seem to be a perfect assumption as there are a plethora of shows online and on Netflix where religious stuff is an integral part of the series. This is something that Netflix has been doing all the time, but this time around, things must have been different.

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So the series has been canceled without focussing on the nitty-gritty of the series. So there is no point in speculating any further. There has to be a reason, but as long as we don’t have an official word from the producers or anyone in an authoritative position, we won’t get into the details. If anything substantial comes to us, we will keep you update. Although the chances of renewal are scarce, if there is anything regarding renewal that is said or talked, we will love to update with relevant details.

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