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AJ And The Queen: Season 2? 5 Things We Know So Far


The series was something that remained an experiment, and the show couldn’t make it to the next season. There are several reasons which led to the cancellation of the series, and we will try to figure out what led to the cancellation of the series. The series had a lot of potentials and could have been continued, but Netflix took the other way, and at the end of the day, we don’t have the show.

The announcement was made on twitter by the show creator and lead actor RuPaul. Although she wasn’t ready to make the announcement and her tweet was making it obvious. It’s a sad day for a creator to see their creation die and discontinued because of “n” number of reason, it doesn’t matter. So let’s dive into the details and see if there is any chance of revival of the series.

AJ and The Queen Season 1

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Five most important things we know about the renewal of the series

  • The series was a successful one and made considerable success in the very first season. Fans were expecting the series to have at least two more seasons, as even medium quality shows get three seasons to establish the premise of the storyline,. Then further continuance depends on other factors. So it’s a bit strange to see this series go away when the fans weren’t ready to let the series go away after the first season itself.
  • Her tweet said a lot about what might have gone wrong, and a sense of helplessness could be sensed from her words. The choice of words implies a lot about the argument, and she wrote in her tweet that Netflix has decided not to extend, so this implies that the series may have been ready on the part of creators. Still, it was Netflix that decided not to go ahead with the idea of the series.
  • The first season of Netflix is still there, and if anyone wants to see it, they can still see it on Netflix, although it will be a bit tough for the showrunners to expect the fans to see a series whose future is known and it won’t be renewed anymore. So there are minimal chances that the fanbase will expand anymore.
  • She took the lead role in the series and also took Drag Race daughters in different roles. She included actors from Bianca Del Rio’s sixth season winner and also included Katya, who was the finalist of the All-Stars.
  • She took winners and another contestant from a plethora of shows, and this made the show a rainbow of different talents. But at the end of the day, the series has been officially canceled, and this is something disheartening to both the fans and the creators.
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Although the show has been canceled if you want to see the first season, you can still watch it on Netflix. The first season can be watched even though it will not be renewed anymore.

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