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Killing Eve Season 3: Release Date Moved Up! Here’s When It Will Premiere On Netflix


The new trailer of Killing Eve has dropped a bombshell, and just like the story, the series has never failed to astound us with surprises. The new trailer revealed that the series would be hitting the screens two weeks earlier. Off late, most of the shows have either stopped filming, or their renewal is delayed, but fortunately, this hasn’t happened to Kill eve third season. The spy thriller will bring all the element of thrill this season, and the expectations are at an all-time high amid the end of the second season which left the show on a cliffhanger.

The release has been rescheduled, and the new release date is 12th April 2020. So all the unanswered questions are going to get answered this season, and that is complemented with an early release date.

Killing Eve Season 3

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The second season left the fan speechless when a bullet hit Eve’s back, and this wasn’t expected at all. Since then, fans are excited to know what’s going to happen in the third season. The series has been a brilliant one in the last two season. The series has successfully created a considerably large fan base, and this is the most compelling reason for the early release of the third season. The whole world is in lockdown, and there is no better way to live in isolation than to have a Netflix subscription and watch your favourite show.

Even Netflix understands the sentiments of the fans, and this is the very reason they went for an early release. Although a lot of shows and movies have preponed their release. Killing eve is the new entrant in the list of those films and TV series who did this for the sake of their fans. Previously Disney+ released Frozen 2 and others followed the pattern. After all, the fans are the one who matters the most, and this is something which has prompted the streaming giant to reschedule and release it early.

The new trailer has tried to portray Villanelle in a quite unusual way, and she is dressed like a clown, and this has left the fans wondering the role she is going to take this season. So this trailer hasn’t limited itself to an early release date, but the content of the trailer has also scaled up the expectations. She can be seen blowing balloons at a kid’s party, and she is telling about her break up with eve. She is saying all this in a VoiceOver where she is saying that she is indeed happy to see eve dead.

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In the same trailer her happiness doesn’t last for long and her handler Konstantin tells her that eve is alive. So now this is something which will accentuate the adrenaline rush, and yes there is every reason to feel like this. So once the series is out on 12th April 2020, we will give a detailed review of the series.

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