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House Of Dragons: 5 Major Things You Should Know Being A Fan


The best show to be aired on the TV screens is all set to bring you those unanswered aspects when it is back in the form of a new series named House of Dragons. Game of Thrones has a worldwide following, and there is no reason to doubt that the new series will bring even a greater pool of audience amid the premise which has been set by the parent show. So there is a hell lot of things to know, and we will try to highlight those five facts which you should know if you are interested to know the history of Dragons and the family line of Daenerys Targaryen.

So what makes this series interesting is not limited to the fact that it is a prequel to the series Game Of Thrones, rather it has more to it, and we will highlight that unique aspect which gives it a firm ground of its own.

'Game of Thrones'

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  • For those who have already read the book Fire and Blood, they have a hint of how things are going to unfold with the famous civil war, which destroyed the whole Targaryen dynasty. So now, through this series, those fans who didn’t know about them will finally get to know the premise on which the show has been set. A lot of unanswered aspects are going to be answered, and this is something which will imply not only House of Dragons but also Game of Thrones.
  • The night king character didn’t go well with a large pool of audience, and they were expecting way more than what has been shown, but that happened for good. House of Dragons is going to show how things were behind the wall. But banking a lot on night king isn’t going to happen this time too as the show will be overtly banking on the Targaryens.
  • The parent series had shown how dragons could change the course of the war, but this time around, it will show how these dragons changed the history itself. In other words, they shaped the history, and this time, it is expected to have a hell lot of dragon fight, and fans are elated to know this. I hope the Targaryens would clarify the extinction of the dragons and how these mighty creatures went on the verge of extinction.
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  • Fans were overwhelmed by the magical elements of the show, and these are the facts that make the series what it was. This time the show will be centralized around Westeros, so there is a hell lot of fantasy magical things waiting for you.
  • Game of Thrones writing team was led by David Benioff and D.B Weiss, but this time around, HBO has changed the team, and now they have a completely revamped system. This time the series will showcase another person who will have a major role in crafting the shows. So hold your horses and wait for the release of the show.

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