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Servant Season 2 On Apple TV? Here’s What We Know So Far


One of the most intriguing shows on Apple TV has been a hell of a thriller in the first season. The first season was something that took the fans by their nerves, and the fans await the second season. The second season is expected to show a lot of twists and turns, which makes the fan even impatient when you have to wait indefinitely.

Also, the current situation makes the fans more anxious amid the outbreak of COVID-19, which forced the global population into isolation. Many of us would never even have thought of being forced into quarantine, but the unfortunate turn of events have compelled us to practice social distancing. Nobody wants to live the way we are living, but there is a lot which we can do at this point, and the best way out is to binge-watch a series. So this will be an excellent opportunity to learn something and make a positive change in your life.

So let’s explore the facts related to the renewal of the series and other relevant details if you are planning to watch the series.

Servant Season 2 On Apple TV?

Source: IGN India

Is the renewal confirmed on Apple TV?

Well, lately, you must have heard a lot of negative news on the internet, but here we will be giving positive news as the season was renewed for the second season right after the first episode was aired. So there is nothing to worry about the future of the show. The producers have confirmed that they have planned to have a six-season series. But the planning depends a lot on the audience response; if everything goes right, then we can have five more seasons.

Do we have a release date for the second season?

The series started filming in November 2018, and it was completed by March 2019. But the development process started way back in March 2018, so we can assess from these dates that the series takes almost a year to air. If we follow a similar pattern, the release could be expected anytime around November 2020.

But the recent outbreak of COVID-19 can change the timings as most of the films and TV series have stopped filming. The government has prohibited mass gatherings, so this can change the schedule, which will have an impact on the new release dates. So if any further details come to us regarding the restart of filming, we will update you.

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What could be the possible storyline in the second season?

There is a lot that has been anticipated about the second season, and we will explore the possible causes for the second season. The first season was hinged around a mystery about baby Jericho and the confusion as if he was brought from the dead or he was stolen. There could be several possibilities in the second season, and even Balloon never gave a clear answer to this, so this has raised eyebrows. Even Jericho’s position was unclear until the end of the first season.

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