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One Day At A Time: Season 4 Trailer Breakdown

by Albert Luke Walker

The fourth season of One Day At A Time is all set to air from 24th March, and fans are excited to see the new trailer as the trailer seems to tell a lot about the storyline of the series. The show will start airing from Tuesday, and it will return to its permanent time slot from 14th April.

So what does the trailer tells about the new season?

The trailer is a prelude to the comedy series, and this has been rightly showcased. The family is all set to bring the comic scenes, and the genesis of the show translates to a hell lot of comedy. The new trailer has shown that the family is back to their usual routine, and there is a lot of comedy that is waiting for the fans. The series has been a brilliant one so far, and the trailer compliments the actual series.

Even the present trailer shows that the series will stick to drama and dating. All the characters are slated to play the role they played in their previous season. There is no fundamental change that can be expected as the trailer shows that Penelope will be busy in her dating, and other characters are also expected to perform the role they are intended to play in the series. Lydia’s religious crisis, coupled with her trip with Dr. Berkowitz, is expected to retain its continuance. The fourth season is expected to tow the same line, and there is not much of a change which can be expected in the fourth season of One Day At A Time.

The fourth season is not only going to continue with its originality, but it has an added flavour of sex to it too in the fourth season of the series. This goes on to show that there is a hell lot of entertainment waiting at the other end. The show is inspired by Norman Lear’s set, which was aired in 1975, and there is a considerably large fan base that awaits the series. The series has passed the test of time in every possible sense as the series has seen the third platform in the last three seasons.

There is a unique attachment of the audience with the series, which has kept it going after getting canceled previously. The series originally started with Sony Pictures, but the series was later taken over by Netflix. After the third season, Netflix canceled the series, and then came Pop TV. Lastly, Pop TV came to the rescue, and we have the fourth season of the series. There is an emotional connection between the series and fans, which has led to its survival after being left by two hosts.

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So there is an emotional bond that has kept the show going, and there is no chance that producers would take any risk with the content of the show. So rest assured once the series starts airing, we will provide a detailed review of the show.

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