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Is Grey’s Anatomy Ending With Season 17?

by Albert Luke Walker

Giacomo Gianniotti, the Grey’s Anatomy star, dropped breaking news, and the news was breaking in every possible sense as he thinks the series won’t continue beyond the 17th season. Now, this is something serious if it happens at all, as the series has a huge fan base, and this isn’t going to go down well to the die-hard fans of the medical drama.

The series is pivoted around the lives of medicos who works tirelessly and how this affects their personal lives. The series focusses on the lives of doctors both inside and outside the hospital.

And of course, the series has a hell lot of drama, but the recent comments from Giacomo Gianniotti dropped a bombshell. So let’s dive into what he said and what could be the implications to it. Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays the role of Dr. Andrew DeLuca, has said that there are scarce chances that the show will continue beyond the seventeenth season.

As the show has aired for quite a while, so it may deem fit to end the show on a good note, but how well this is going to go with the fans is yet to be assessed by the production team.

Giacomo Gianniotti said that there is one more season that is locked in, and the storyline is headed in a direction where it can be discontinued. He also referred to some conversation with people, and it can be ascertained that the words do have substance if he is saying this with conviction.

Grey’s Anatomy Ending With Season 17?

Source: Daily Express

But he played it safe and went on to say that he can’t confirm that the show won’t be renewed after the seventeenth season. There is a lot that goes into the renewal of the show, so it’s not about something someone said. Audience response to the show, commercial aspects, cast’s availability, etc.,

But if the word came from someone like Giacomo Gianniotti, it does add weighs to the speculations, and it can’t be labelled as a casual remark. He understands this very well, what response the show is going to get after his comments, and nobody would ever jeopardize a show where he is working.

But this latest comments could be one of the ways to assess the fan’s response as producers and research team note the audience response. And this helps them to assess for how long they can continue with the show, and we think this might be an attempt by the production team to know the depth of water.

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Although the series has a dedicated fan base and this is going to be a tough decision to wrap up the show. But if they have already made up the mind, then fans have to deal with it, although it’s not easy to let go of a show which you have binge-watched for the last seventeen season. Fingers crossed, and let’s hope the fan’s reaction may change something. If any official update comes to us, we will update all the details.

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