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Outlander Season 5 Episode 5: When Will It Premiere? Here’s What We Know

by Albert Luke Walker

A long wait between the fourth and fifth season has tested the patience of the fans, and now the show is expected to be released, and this has raised the expectations. The show has been renewed for the sixth season too, but there is going to be a long wait, and things haven’t been clear in the past, and there is no reason to believe that the show won’t be renewed, but there is more to it, and we will try and explore the possibilities regarding the future of the show.

There is more to show, and we will try to explore the reasons as to why there is a delay in releasing the show. The show has successfully aired four seasons, and there is no doubt that the show has succeeded in creating a considerably large fan base, and this helped the show to grow for the last four seasons. There is no dearth of good shows in the same segment, but a time travel romantic drama is an altogether a different approach taken by the show.

Outlander Season 5 Episode 5

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The series will be released on the Starz network in the US and on amazon prime in the UK. So fans don’t have to be confused about the streaming platform.

What’s going to happen in the fifth episode?

Rogers clear the cloud

The promo has accentuated the hopes of Bonnet’s return to the show, and this is going to turn around things. There is no dearth of people who are waiting for her return, and this is going to be taxing for the fans to wait and let the truth reveal.

Marsali accepting the inevitable

She is helping Claire with her work, and the penicillin’s creation is also expected to be the part of the fifth episode, and it will be great to see how things change her life and are it going to be a fatal blow to her?

Hillsborough may have to shed some extra bucks

Governor Tryon’s orthodox acts have taken the citizens of Hillsborough by nerve, and now they have to shed extra bucks because of his stupidity. Still, there is something more to it, which will be finally revealed in the fifth episode.

There are many facts which are expected to be unveiled in the fifth season and this whole season is expected to bring changes which the show has planned. This season has come after a long wait, and there is no reason to think that this isn’t going to be extraordinary.

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So everything in this season is crafted well, and there is a hell lot of things waiting for you in the fifth season than you would imagine. So just sit back tight and let the time travel waves take you to an altogether different time and space. The show will unveil a lot as it has been a long wait, and the producers have made a serious attempt to make the wait worth.

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