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No Game No Life, Season 2, Show Cancelled Or Just A Rumour!


No Game No life is a Japanese light novel-based anime series of a similar name originally released in 2014 the series season one got variable pundits sees yet was a success, and from that point forward, the fans have been hanging tight for its the second season.

When Is The Second Season Arriving

No Game No Life’ Season 1 debuted on April 9, 2014, and with a sum of 12 episodes, it completed the process of airing on June 25, 2014. Not long after its release, the anime got rave audits from the two watchers and pundits and was a moment hit. Since it was financially fruitful, numerous fans were entirely sure that it would get a continuation later on.

No Game No Life, Season 2

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In any case, our best gauge is that ‘No Game No Life’ season 2 will release sometime in 2021.


Surveys of the first season praised the characters, story, and the pacing of the anime adjustment.

At the point when we last observed Shiro and Sora, they had quite recently won the “world’s most severe coin toss” against the Warbeasts and framed the Elkia Federation. Group Blank plans on testing the god Tet by collecting the entirety of the chess-formed race game pieces. These occasions depended on the story from Volume 3.

The sanctuary priestess Miko raises the stakes by summoning an Old Deus, one of the main positioned old divine beings called the Exceed. This Old Deus lives inside the priestess, having lost its status when Tet turned into the One True God toward the finish of the Great War.

Storyline Updates

The story depends on the No Game No Life light novel series by author Yuu Kamiya, who is additionally known for co-composing Clockwork Planet. Distributed by Media Factory, the books are up to Volume 10 as of January 2018.

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While this scene was an incredible method to prod No Game No Life Season 2 with a cliffhanger finishing, the issue is that it originates from the finish of Volume 6. Other than avoiding the path ahead in the plot, the scene likewise remembered a bigger number of characters than were available for the light novels.

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