Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

World’s Toughest Formula-1 Race, Only Event at Night at 40 ° Temperature

The Singapore Grand Prix, considered the world’s toughest F-1 race, has begun. Its main events took place on Saturday nights and Sunday nights. This is the only F-1 event to take place at night. The race track was illuminated with over 1600 halogen lights. This race takes place between 35 to 40 degree temperature and around 80% humidity. Under these conditions the cockpit of the car has a fierce heat. Last year a driver fainted in the cockpit due to heat. This time Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes and Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari came out as the strongest contenders. Charles Leclerc of Ferrari won the pole position at the practice event.

Around 84 crore people from all over the world watched the race. The Economy of Singapore received about 698 crores from this race. Boost estimates. On this track, the racer changes gears an average of 5000 times. The popularity of F-1 on social media is increasing by about 53% every year. The race is completed in two hours. This race track is also considered one of the most difficult tracks in the world. This is called ‘twisty, bumpy circuit’. That is, it is curved, rugged in many places. Many turns are 90 degree turn. The race also has to be completed in two hours. Due to such difficulties, it is the slowest circuit in the world, the average speed of the car here is just 305 km / h.