Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

Uniformed And Armed Police Officer In Philadelphia Accused Of Stealing A Dog

However, Lopez placed his arm, and the 2 down him and pressed , that the court records state.  The man caught out the dog of the 2 left with canine and this individual’s hand.

There is A Philadelphia officer accused of attacking the brother travel entirely uniform, Brooklyn, ny — for example his own weapon — breaking to his girl friend’s brother’s home and yanking his dog.

Court records in ny state he jumped to the gentleman’s bedroom into his Philly authorities gear and cried,”Where’s your dog?”  Cuffs his gun and defense were observable, the court records state. Officer Angel Lopez faces charges of larceny, vandalism and attack.

The victim said he did not need trouble and tried to shoot his dog and also leave, the records said. Lopez struck on him and pushed the person a couple times according to newyork court public records.  At this time, Lopez captured the guy belt told him that If you hit on meI will detain you for attacking a police. officer.

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