Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

UIDAI Issued A Warning, This Kind Of Aadhaar Card Will Not Work

Be careful if you have laminated your Aadhaar Card from the shop or are using it as a plastic card. Aadhaar issuing authority UIDAI has issued a warning. UIDAI has rejected the consumer’s laminate Aadhaar or plastic smart card / PVC card as invalid. UIDAI has said that plastic Aadhaar or Aadhaar smart card / PVC card is not valid. UIDAI says that if you have a plastic Aadhaar card, then this card is now ‘worthless’.

Why discontinued plastic Aadhar card?

In an alert issued to all consumers, UIDAI said that if you have also got a plastic lamination on your Aadhaar card or you have a plastic Aadhaar card, then this card can stop working.  Actually, the QR code becomes dysfunctional due to the unauthorized printing of the plastic base. Also, there is a risk of theft of personal information from it. Your personal details can be shared without your permission.

Have To Pay More Money

UIDAI says that from 50 rupees to 300 rupees are being charged for printing the base on plastic or PVC sheet, which is completely unnecessary. The UIDAI has advised people to avoid such shops or people and not to fall into their trap. The authority has said that plastic or PVC Aadhaar smart cards cannot usually be used as QR codes.

UIDAI has also emphasized in its statement that apart from the original Aadhaar, the downloaded Aadhaar and the base on a simple paper are completely valid. Therefore, you do not have to fall into the circle of smart base. You do not even need a colored print. Also, you do not need a separate Aadhaar card lamination or a plastic Aadhaar card. If your Aadhaar is lost, you can download it for free from