Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

Playstation 4 Comes Up With New Set of Buttons

Sony has spilled the beans on its latest accessory for the PlayStation 4, a lot of catches that append to the back of the controller.  The back button attachment is planned for giving players more command over their gaming by enabling them to utilize the back just as the front of the controller. It additionally includes a shining OLED screen, enabling players to see which settings they are on.

The new back buttons stick onto the current DualShock 4 controller, slipping onto the back where the microphone connects. That port is still there; since the connection incorporates go through for the mic. The thought behind such back catches is that they are simpler for players to contact, since their hands are as of now grasping around the controller as of now. Players would then be able to swap certain catches –, for example, switching gear in a driving game, or reloading into a shooting one – so they can be all the more rapidly and effectively access.