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Harper Beckham: Things To Know About The Little Beckham Girl

Harper Beckham

Harper, who joins the family with three older brothers (Brooklyn, Cruise and Romeo), has the opportunity to both protect and capture them.

Fast forward seven years, and those initial predictions seem to be in doubt. Family photos together suggest that Harper has a close relationship with his older brothers. It is not debatable that his parents vote for him. At the moment he is showing the colors of the talents of Mother and Father. Since both parents are active on social media, fans are now happy to give their seven-year-old a regular view of life.

Harper Beckham girl

So we made a hole to share with you the other seven (did you see what we did there?) About the fun facts about David and Victoria’s only daughter. Continue reading to get to know Harper better.

Her name is Inspiration is doubly Fierce

Harper Seven is one of those names you love so much that you only know the person who is the target of greatness. And if there is any indication of the motivation behind the girl’s name, surely her fate will be something terrible. That’s where Harper comes from,” David explained in a Facebook video.

She is an Honorary spice girl

Well, maybe not officially. Harper, however, is a fan of the iconic group of girls who made her famous mother. Last July, Victoria grabbed her signature dot Spice pose position. “You bump the mummy spice!” Victoria took a picture of her daughter giving the Spice Girl great excitement. Who knows? Maybe the team will start again when it meets the kids at OG Spice Girls.

Harper Beckham honorary

Total daddy’s girl

It’s clear that Harper is enjoying time with his mother. However, we are pretty sure that no one in the Beckham family will argue that Harper’s father is a girl. We’ve already seen David Harper show his daughter’s dedication to creating Lego Harry Potter Village all night. But thanks to the coronavirus blockade, fans have finally found a definite edge in the adorable fathers and daughters.

In late May, Harper helped his father in the garden at Cotswolds Cottage. “A beautiful lady who plants Daddy’s cosmos,” David put a picture of Harper in the works. The two friends were also based on the love between the friends, David gave them a gift with a t-shirt made by David by hand.

Harper Beckham father

However, we do know that he is a Harry Potter fan. Last year, Victoria shared photos and videos of David creating a massive Lego Hogwarts for her daughter. Then, on the occasion of World Book Day, Victoria Harper showed Hermione Granger who had become Gryffindor’s sister.

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