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Fai Khadra: Who Is The Man Dating Kylie Jenner?


Kylie Jenner made headlines in June for breaking public discrimination guidelines with two public walks in California, both with her friend Fai Khadra. In July and August, the couple did it again, ignoring their nonessential travel ban to leave the state and go on vacation together.

In July, Kylie shared several photos from her smooth Utah vacation to her Instagram story. Khadra appears in various snacks, where her group of friends can be seen climbing mountains, boating, and hanging out in the pool.

And in August, Kylie posted photos of her and Khadra in Paris:

This is not the first time Khadra has gained attention for walking with Jenner. Last November, Kendall teased the idea of ​​starting a family with Khadra by sharing an Instagram photo of the couple with Kim Kardashian’s Children Hymn and St. West. Although his relationship with Kendall and Kylie appears to be platonic, his history with the Kardashian-Jenners suggests that he has previously dated in their circle. Here are some things to know about sisters plus one perennials.

Who is Fai Khadra - Meet Kendall Jenner's Non-Boyfriend Date

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Fai participated in two shows with Kylie in June 2020
California still has a shelter-in-house arrangement, which encourages citizens to leave only for essential needs and with a facade. But that didn’t stop Khadra and Kylie from attending the club on June 7 at David Arquette’s Bootsie Bellows. He was photographed walking into the Bootry Bellows nightclub with Khadra (according to the Daily Mail, the place was open for him and her. Dude). According to the outlet, the couple entered the weapon at the scene and did not leave until 1:20 a.m. The trip to the club was Jenner’s best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou’s 23rd birthday party. The backyard event featured various personal desserts, balloons and pillows that honored both Stacey and her friend DJ Zac Bia, who also celebrated the birthday. Although Kylie and Khadra didn’t announce that they were both at the party, they share photos of those pillows on their Instagram stories.

Kylie took casual photos with Phi during two vacations in the summer of 2020.
In the months after they left the club, Kylie and Khadra continued to spend most of the summer together. They also traveled together twice, breaking the state’s nonessential travel ban. Kylie posted her vacation photos with Khadra on two occasions. His first break came in July when he was in Utah with Kendall and his friends:

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