The couple will direct their vocal activity for an exciting new animated show. Finnish brother Nick Wolfhard will also be present. It is based on a Marvel comic of the same name that appeared in 2008.

A group of teenage superheroes do their best to defeat the evil ruler who threatens to dismantle his honest world. The show will function as part of an augmented reality platform on different platforms where viewers can join the show. They will be able to download and unlock the special nanotechnology capabilities of the organisms they find.

animated  series

Show producer J. D. Matonti explains: “Nanotech controls this rich world and the superheroes who live there. Dominic Gardiner, director of Jetpack, said: “The show costs a lot for the kids. It’s a thrilling sci-fi adventure where superheroes are formed on a mission to defeat the demonic ruler of everyday life.” “We want to take you to a place you’ve never seen before in the face of New-Jane’s futuristic utopia,” said J. D. Matonti.

Independent TV distributor for children and families Jetpack Distribution has acquired the global rights to the series, which is currently in pre-production and purchased for buyers. Designed by J. D. Montonti and produced by Chris Mattonty and Julia Coppola of JND and APNG Enterprises, the show is based on the 2008 Marvel Comics Series.


“New-Jane” is produced by Bardell Entertainment (“Rick and Morty,” “Angry Birds”) with the animated duo. The credits for his superhero TV series are “Avengers Montage” and “Ultimate Spider-Man.”

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