Truth Seekers: Amazon Prime Video Released The Brand New Trailer For The Series

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The comic spirits of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg join forces with the supernatural comedy series “Truth Seekers”. The first films were released on the Internet along with the comic along with Amazon Prime Video. The teaser for the eight-part series is filled with hunter-gatherer ghosts, monsters, swollen houses, and Sodomia Doodle, saying they are shooting at Frost and Peg cylinders.

Truth Seekerscat

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The official synopsis project on Amazon called “Truth Seekers” is “an international comedy series about a group of paranormal investigators from across the UK and a film to watch” joined by the Baku line. Let them see. “Frost Star Paranormal Investigator Team Leader, Slowly” explains a plot that covers the entire human race.

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In addition to starring in “Truth Seekers,” Peg and Frost wrote the same series with Knut Saunders and James Serafinowicz. Jim Field Smith worked on the BBC two comedy films “Stag” and “The Wrong Man” in the following two comedy films.

Truth Seekers

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The project marks the final collaboration between Frost and Peg. O Wright has received worldwide attention for his work with writer-director Shaun of the Dead, “Hot Fuzz” and “The World’s End”. to do. Peg had further success in the films “Star Trek” and “Mission: Impossible”.

“Shaun of the Dead” fans should be thrilled as the “Shaun of the Dead” show takes Peg and Frost to the roots of the horror-comedy. Amazon has not yet announced a release date titled “Truth Seekers”, Will be Released in 2020 The supernatural comic series with all eight episodes.

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