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t’s Pony: Nickelodeon Renewed The Animated Series For A Season 2

t's Pony Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon dominates children’s television these days, and they plan to continue that trend. Therefore, he has renewed the major part of the popular election, which is the “pony”. Pony is one of the first three animated series to feature children between the ages of 2 and 11 on television, and it only does two other shows on Nickelodeon.

t's Pony Nickelodeon cast

The premiere episode of the film It Pony was the most animated animation shot by Nickelodeon since 2018 with children aged 2 to 11 years. It looks like Season 2 is about building success soon. No word yet on when Season 2 will begin, but you can hang it up. See the new season in the pictures below.

t's Pony Nickelodeon cast

For those who have nothing to do with the show, it focuses on a young girl named Annie and her best friend, who is a horse. They are some ponies, but their driven and irresponsible nature leads to all kinds of adventures. Regardless of where she is from or what they do, it is always clear that Pony will do anything for Annie, and she will do the same for Pony.

The series is about Jessica DiCicco (Adventure Time) Annie, an optimistic and tenacious farm girl who lives in the city with her family and her best friend Pony; As a pony, Josh Zuckerman (Roaring Angel), inexperienced and impulsive, but loves Annie more; As the father of Abe Benubi (E.R.), Pony regards him as a nuisance, but accepts the special bond he shares with Annie; And India de Beaufort (All Hail King Julien) as a mother who loves Annie and Pony’s relationship and is always eager for work.

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