The future of the MCU is puzzling because it is unknown what path it will take for the following Phases and what changes it will have now in this universe, according to some reports, these modifications could be derived not only from the click of Thanos but also the technology of Wakanda would change the Marvel Studios story entirely.

Black Panther 2 trailer

It must be remembered that the African nation currently led by T’challa, had its borders closed to foreigners since within its territory is vibranium, a powerful metal capable of absorbing the impacts it receives so that the inhabitants of that nation believe it is very dangerous for other nations to possess it.

However, with the arrival of the new king, Wakanda has opened its doors to all the countries of the world, as was seen in the post-credits of ‘Black Panther’, so that the entire planet could also know a little about this technology from vibranium. In ‘Infinity War’ it is not known to what extent this opening affected, only that there are not yet Starbucks and the Olympic games have not yet been held in their territory.

Now according to a theory from the Screen Rant portal, in the sequel to ‘Black Panther’, you could finally see the impact this nation had on humanity and it is believed that more Wakanda technology could change the history of Marvel Studios, more than the gauntlet due to the technological advances it would bring about in other parts of the world, from weapons, health and space research.

Black Panther 2 cast

Premiere Of Black Panther 2

It could even start wars between governments to stay with the Wakandian scientific advances, in fact, here would enter another theory that Doctor Doom, would plan a warlike conflict between the African nation and Atlantis, while the leader of Latveria, would take advantage to develop another malicious plan and perhaps it is related to this topic.

It only remains to wait until the premiere of ‘Black Panther 2’ which will be on May 8, 2022, under the direction of Ryan Coogler and with the main performance by Chadwick Boseman.

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