Hundreds of new anime series come out each year, so it can be difficult to choose which ones are really worth watching. But it can be difficult to judge a series on its cover, or at least through the first few episodes. Some of the best shows each year are not always included in those previews. Although it will not be completely complete, it only includes the series that we have seen and we have completed the entire list, it is something that we can recommend. I’m not wearing it.

Vinland Saga :

Fruits Basket vinland

Their recommendations are broken down by gender to direct people to the ways they prefer. Vinland Saga has become the best show that I highly recommend when I ask for suggestions, a very good series that will receive the same attention as a prestigious drama, if only it were alive. For the animation studio behind the series, WIT appears to be his main job contract.

Dr Stone :


The science in Dr Stone is a superpower, but it’s not used as a spell to manually get rid of something complicated. Instead, enjoy the details, the process, the error, and the hypothesis. In essence, the presentation is really about being a scientist: the importance of knowledge, curiosity about the world, and being ethical about what technology often does. It makes science fun by showing how magical it can be, then shows you how anyone can become a therapist.

Ascendance Bookworm :

The ascendance of the bookworm is a magical proposal that abandons the idea of ​​making wishes come true. Most shows featuring characters embodied in fantasy worlds grant them extraordinary and unique powers. Instead, the detain focuses on an adult librarian taking over the body of Myne, a five-year-old daughter who is ill with the poor city porter. Learn more about Myne and her family’s daily struggles as she uses her knowledge of our world to try to make books, but she also better the lives of her family and friends without raising suspicions that she is not the real Myne. It is an ideal offer for the whole family or to relax.

Fruits Basket :


The concept of a fruit basket: The girl begins to live with two cousins ​​who become different animals of the Chinese zodiac when a person of the opposite Physical hugs them, which seems like a series of romantic comedies in the Ranma ½ line. It’s more than emotional courage, episode after episode, as it reveals the terrible things that happened to each of the personality. It is not exactly what you expect from them.

Run With The Wind :

At first, you feel like you’re running through the wind like you’re writing a check that you had no chance to spend the money. It seems unlikely that we will have significant development for the ten different main characters, and their transition from amateur runners to one of Japan’s top marathon teams appears to be imaginary at worst and, at best, dubious.

However, over the course of its 23 episodes, the series presents a compelling story that is less sporty than these college students who discover their lives now and in the future. Running works as a constant factor that forces them to interact and face the problems of their lives while meeting in a group.

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