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5 Top And Best Movies Of Joaquin Phoenix Every fan Should Watch

Joaquin Phoenix talks about Hollywood thanks to his controversial new film Joker with a show that has been described as one of the best of the year. Phoenix has developed into one of the best actors working today over the years and has put together an excellent film so far, although not all of his films are related to fans and critics, as was the case in some modern films. most famous.

Here the best top 5 movies of Joaquin Phoenix :

Lovers (82%)

Phoenix has worked with filmmaker James Gray several times and always leads to an interesting project. Two Lovers is one of their most forgotten projects together because it originated in the time of the Phoenix public crisis.

Phoenix plays the role of a young man who has difficulty living with his parents and has to choose between two women who have had a romantic relationship with him.

Walk The Line (83%)

Walk The Line is vital music for the life and career of the famous country singer Johnny Cash. Phoenix plays cash and performs incredibly well as the man for whom he received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. The film has helped create many organic musicians who are now criticized, but star appearances and musical moments make it so entertaining.

The Master (85%)

The teacher marked Phoenix’s first collaboration with Paul Thomas Anderson in this wonderful and complex story. Phoenix plays the part of Freddy, an awkward war veteran who meets a charismatic man (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who has created his own religion. Freddy soon became a loyal follower, and the film is said to be based on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, but it’s a much bigger story.

The Immigrant (85%)

The Immigrant is the fourth collaboration between Phoenix and James Gray and remains their most popular collaboration. The star of the sub-drama Marion Cotillard as Ewa, an immigrant who comes to New York alone and doesn’t have to go anywhere. Pimp (Phoenix) seduces the life of prostitution but finds hope after meeting the wizard (Jeremy Renner).

The Sisters Brothers (87%)

The Sisters Brothers are the last film on this list and one of the most underrated Phoenix films. Phoenix and John C. Rayleigh star in the West as two brothers ready to track down the chemist in the middle of Gold Rush. The film is not the action-packed western genre that some fans expect, but a calm and thoughtful film about two men trying to leave their lives behind the violence. The film was in financial trouble, but we hope to find an audience for years to come.

To Die For (88%)

To Die For is a previous film in Phoenix’s career before it was a big name in the cinema. Directed by Gus Van Zant, this is a great black comedy based on the real story of a high school teacher (Nicole Kidman) who seduces one of her students (Phoenix) to kill her husband. Kidman is the star of the show with a fun, unsettling and haunting performance that drives the movie up.


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