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Evil Couple Arrested In Suspicion After Officials Found Dead Body Of A 9-Year-Old Girl


The dead body of a nine-year-old girl has been discovered in a field in Portugal as her father and stepmother were arrested on doubt of homicide and hiding her body.

Officials Arrested The Couple

Valentina Fonseca had been accounted for missing in Peniche, a town in focal Portugal, on Thursday, May 7, and her body was discovered yesterday.

Her body was discovered in a field and had been covered by bushes in an investigation, including 600 common assurance officials who looked more than 4,000 hectares alongside boy troopers.

The Judiciary Police affirmed that the victims’ dad, 32, and stepmother, 38, had been captured and charged for murder and hiding a corpse.

Neither one of the suspects has been named.

Fernando Jordao, the organizer of the Judiciary Police’s Criminal Investigation Department in Leiria, said the girl might have been killed on the day she disappeared, with her body being taken to the field toward the day’s end.

He said that the specialists were attempting to build up the reason for death yet included “obviously it occurred in some setting of viciousness” and was not unintentional.

Mr. Jordao said he had not gotten data showing that the kid had been the survivor of misuse or that the Commission was following her for the Protection of Children and Youth.

He said Valentina regularly lived with the mother yet had been with her dad “for quite a while” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diogo Morgado, a representative for the National Republican Guard, said the girl had first been accounted for missing by her dad toward the beginning of May 8.

The Girl’s mom, Sonia Fonseca, had composed via social media before her body was discovered: “Oh my God, my love, my princess one more night has spent, one more day has come and more countless hours. The examination is continuous.

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