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Virginia Girl, 13, Booked For Suspicious Death Of A Baby Boy


A 13-year-old Virginia girl is dealing with murder indictments after officials listed an infant’s December passing as murder.

New Born Baby Died

As indicated by NBC 13, authorities at first reported a 9-month-old newborn child’s passing as suspicious. The infant died at the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk, on December 19. The baby went through 11 days in the emergency clinic before dying.

Officials talked with staff individuals at the clinic who saw bruises and injuries on the infant. It’s as yet muddled precisely how the newborn child died, yet police said the 13-year-old is liable for the death of the baby. The teenager was evidently in a home with the child in December, off of Little Bay Avenue in Ocean View.

13-Year-Old Was Charged With Murder

“The baby’s passing was at first explored as unsure until the Medical Examiner controlled the death as a murder,” Norfolk police said in a public statement. “Therefore, a 13-year-old relative has been accused by police of Second Degree Murder.”

The girl is at present being held at a juvenile confinement center. Her name is retained because of her age. The infant’s personality is as yet obscure.

“We typically get police refreshes at our month to month,” the Willoughby Civic League president said. “We didn’t hear anything about this specific incident.”

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