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Father And Son Sent To Prison For Murder Of A Georgia High School Teen


Two Georgia men have been detained and charged in the brutal killing of Ahmad Arbery, a former secondary school football star who was shot and killed while running in the Satilla Shores neighborhood of Brunswick in February.

Father And Son Both Arrested For A Murder

Retired lead prosecutor Gregory McMichael, 64, and his child Travis McMichael, 34, were accused of homicide and horrific attack, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said.

As CrimeOnline recently announced, the McMichaels blocked Arbery with their truck. The more youthful McMichael escaped the truck with a shotgun and fought with Arbery as he attempted to go around the vehicle.

Gregory McMicheal, remaining in the truck bed, shot at Arbery with a .357 magnum gun, and Travis McMichael fired him with the shotgun.

The Victim Was Found Dead At The Scene

The men were later addressed by specialists. McMichael, as indicated by police, guaranteed that there had been a few break-ins in the area and that Arbery was gotten on security film before that day, investigating a home under development on his block.

McMichael said when he spotted Arbery running, he reached the police, at that point hollered for him to stop before standing up to him.

“[Gregory] McMichael expressed the unidentified male started to attack Travis savagely, and the two men at that point began battling once again the shotgun so, all in all, Travis fired a shot and afterward a second later there was another shot,” the police report read.

Police, at that point, disclosed to Arbery’s family that there was a “confrontation between her child and the mortgage holder and a battle over a weapon.”

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