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Will Martin Scorsese Ever Direct Superhero Flick Despite His Claims


Martin Scorsese won’t join the majority to see the following year’s Black Widow prequel, nor be slugging down pop and getting his hands clingy with popcorn at 2021’s Thor: Love and Thunder. He was likewise not one of the millions who saw Avengers: Endgame.

Here’s What He Said

It’s not because the popular chief wouldn’t be gotten dead in a typical cinema. This is because, to him, Marvel films aren’t “right” movies by any stretch of the imagination.

I don’t believe they’re filming,” the executive wrote in a commentary for the New York Times on November 4, voicing his hatred for Disney’s hero blockbusters. “I have posed an inquiry about Marvel movies. I addressed it. I said that I’ve attempted to watch a couple of them and that they’re not for me, that they appear to me to be nearer to theme parks than they are to movies as I’ve known and loved them for an amazing duration.”

Try not to ask Martin Scorsese his contemplations on the record-breaking “Justice fighters: Endgame” since he hasn’t seen it, nor will he ever observe it. The amazing producer, as of late, excused the Marvel Cinematic Universe during a meeting with Empire magazine, saying that Marvel films don’t have the qualities that make the film uncommon.

“I don’t see them. I attempted, you know? In any case, that is not film,” Scorsese told Empire. “Truly, the nearest I can consider them, all around made as they may be, with entertainers doing as well as can be expected the situation being what it is, is theme parks. It isn’t the film of individuals attempting to pass on enthusiastic, mental encounters to another person.”

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