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Valeria Season 1 Release Date And Other Things To Expect


The new Spanish series is all set to make a big appearance worldwide on May eighth and relies upon the books by Elísabet Benavent. The maker herself filled in as an innovative expert for the modification, and Diana Gomez stars in the series.

One of the more anticipated Spanish-language series on Netflix is one subject to a movement of books by Spanish essayist Elísabet Benavent. Her ‘Valeria’ experience that incorporates the happy parody books

‘Valeria’ is facilitated by Inma Torrente and Nely Reguera. The exciting series has been made by María López Castaño, Aurora Gracià, Almudena Ocaña, and Fernanda Eguiarte.

When Will It Arrive

Netflix asserted that it had started the production work of the series Valeria, given books by Elisabet Benavent. This Spanish series, which relies upon Elizabeth’s books, will be conveyed by Plano A Plano. In the production, the maker herself will contribute as an inventive expert. ‘Valeria’ Season 1 will show up on Netflix in the United States on May 8.


The trailer that dropped on Tuesday, April 14, begins with the primary character at a planned worker get together that gave off an impression of being going earnestly starting at now. Valeria, when gotten some data about what kind of a writer she is, goes into an existential crisis.

Cast Info

Valeria has an interesting cast. Diana Gómez will accept the crucial jobs that are Valeria;

  • Silma López as Lola;
  • Teresa Riott as Nerea;
  • Paula Malia as Carmen
  • Benjamín Alfonso as Víctor
  • Ibrahim Al Shami plays Adrian

Expected Plot Details

The series describes the story of a writer in a crisis, because of her books and her association with Adrian, played by Ibrahim Al Shami, and the eager partition between them. Valeria takes cover in her three dearest friends: Lola, Carmen, and Nerea, who underpins her during her trip. Valeria and her friends are lowered in a storm of emotions about love, family relationship, begrudge foul play, questions, threat, struggles, work, stresses, enjoyments, and dreams about what’s to come.

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