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Money Heist Season 5 and Season 6

by Albert Luke Walker
money heist season 5

Will Money Heist season 5 occur on Netflix? All things considered, Money Heist season 4 (La casa de Papel) increase the activity and included more carnage than each of the three past seasons joined. 

Fans may have anticipated that the season four finale should follow a similar arrangement as season two, conveniently wrapping up the heist after only two seasons. Be that as it may, nothing appears to have gone to design this time around, and the packs have been compelled to get themselves more time. 

That implies season four finishes on a cliffhanger, welcoming a potential Money Heist season five. 

Right now, Money Heist season 5 hasn’t been greenlit, yet as one of the most well known Netflix arrangements on the planet – it was positioned #2 in the UK on April 6 2020 – it’s improbable that the streamer would reassess at this time. 

Addressing ABC Spain, maker Álex Pina suggested that conversations are going on, albeit no subtleties have been formally discharged: “Somebody knows there will be [a fifth season], however, we don’t.” 

Fans stood by just shy of nine months between seasons three and four of Money Heist. If season five were to follow a similar example, we may have been back at the bank before the finish of 2020. 

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Source: Hiptoro

Be that as it may, on March 15, Netflix stopped creation on the entirety of its unique arrangement for about fourteen days because of the continuous world circumstance, and still can’t seem to declare whether there is an arrangement to lift the respite. With this intruding on recording over media outlets, it appears to be exceptionally far-fetched we’ll get another Money Heist debut in 2020. 

Spanish site Marca is detailing that a fifth and 6th season has been affirmed, yet take that with a spot of salt until we hear the word from the quesos grandes at Netflix. 

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