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Bodyguard Season 2: 5 Early Spoilers A Fan Should Know


Since its inception in the year 2018 on the BBC, it has been the most-watched TV series ever on the network. The popularity of the series can be assessed from a simple data that shows the extent of popularity, and it has a whopping 17.1 million audience. So if the second season is planned, it’s not a matter of surprise per se. There has been a lot of popular series which were released in the last couple of years, but none of them can claim the throne.

A crime thriller drama which is centralized around a high-security ring, which saves VIPs in England. The series depicts the life of a bodyguard, which in the course of providing security, also ends up in bed with a top minister in the British government. So the second season has been a long wait, and now finally, we have the details on the second season of Bodyguard.

Bodyguard' 2

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The spoilers a fan should know before watching the second season of Bodyguard
  • The first season showed Julia Montague pushing extra hard for her controversial RIPA’18 bill, which would have been a game-changer in the British anti-terrorism policy. The assassination of Julia Montague completely turned over the table, and now when she is no longer there, her replacement Mike is in no mood to get this bill pass through the parliament. This season it is going to focus on the nitty-gritty of the bill, and there will be some way out to get this bill passed for the sake of national security.
  • After Julia Montague’s death, Budd was framed for her assassination but later freed of the charges. He tried to mend his ways with his wife Vicky, and this is something going to go further as they haven’t sorted things out. This season Buddhas to deal with terrorism on the ground and family at home. So this is also going to take a big pie of the cake.
  • Mike and Julia’s ex-husband Roger Penhaligon who also happens to be the chief whip, has been a loyalist to the British PM and is going to ensure that the loose ends remained intact. The series is going to be tilted on British politics, too, which is going through tough times as it is one the verge of making a revolutionary decision.
  • Another notorious character Richard Longcross is also absconding, and the second season will be featuring him too. Although there is no official word over it, the storyline implied that he is going to be there in the second season also. Richard Longcross is one of the stooges every politician wants around him, so there is barely any chance to let him go off the second season. His presence is inevitable.
  • A few more terror based incidents are slated to be a part of the second season as the genesis of the first season was based on the acts of terrorism. So tighten your seatbelt for an over the top action-packed series.

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