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The Rookie: 5 Early Spoilers To Know About Season 3


The rookie has been one of the best shows on ABC network, and recently the second season has aired. The series so far has been able to make the fans hooked to its incredible content and the brilliant cast line. The series is centralized around a character known as  John Nolan, a man in his 50s and divorced.

John Nolan made a life-changing decision and left his construction business to pursue a career as a cop. So this sums up how crazy the series is going to drive you, once you binge-watch it. A huge pool of audience has widely appreciated the series. John Nolan took this job in his later part of life and also happened to be the oldest grad of the police academy.

The second season has been recently renewed, and this sums up that the series is not yet renewed, so based on rough assumptions, we can predict how things would go if the show is repeated for the third season. Although one must bear in mind that the series hasn’t been renewed by ABC network. So at this point, any assumptions whatsoever are solely dependent on the things we expect, not what the showrunners have planned.

The Rookie" Season 2

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The spoilers which we deem fit for the third season

  • The third season will be focussing on the relationship that every cop is into. Well, it’s not something which you have been expecting, and it is related to the informants. The series has been centralized around a cop, and their relationship with their informants to curb the crime is paramount. Almost all the police systems work on informants, and the third season will explore how Nolan will wield and strengthen his relationship with the informants.
  • Nolan’s relationship with his new informant cum girlfriend can land into some troubled territories for sure as her daunting past is something which is going to stay. So the third season will ponder over managing their relationship vis-a-vis Nolan’s attempt to outsmart other characters in the show.
  • Nolan’s relationship with Armstrong is unique, and they have been complementing each other of late. The second season, however, does the best to judge these characters based on their performance as a single entity. The third season is expected to take a departure from Armstrong’s character, so the series will not be featuring Armstrong anymore. This may seem to be bad news for all the fans, but this is inevitable at this point.
  • Officer Chen’s fantasy with a serial killer is also going to cost the team a fortune, and it will be interesting to see how things turn out for the cops.
  • Wesley’s lies are something that indicates things going south, and this is not good for her. It will be interesting to see how she will manage her addictions with the realities of life. The series so far addressed almost all the societal menace, and the next season is also expected to tow the same line of thought.

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