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Hobbs & Shaw 2: 5 Things We Know So Far


The fast and furious franchise is one of the most liked and applauded one among all the hit ones. The franchise brought fortunes to actors and made a whole generation hooked to its speed. The franchise has several accolades in the bag, and the latest film in the franchise was Hobbs and Shaw. Although Hobbs and shaw had mixed response and the movie was somewhat on the downward side and had loopholes, which may be the reason behind the cynicism with the movie.

Although the talks are loud about Hobbs and Shaw 2 and this is something every fan must be waiting for it. The franchise had been loyal to the fans as even after the sad demise of Paul Walker, and it tried to keep up the spirit alive. So now is the time for the fans to show their loyalty to the franchise, which has entertained fans in the two decades.


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What’s the premise for the second part of Hobbs and Shaw?

The second part will have its footing on the ground, which was set in the first part of Hobbs and Shaw. The top boss of Heaton is portrayed as the villain, and his identity has been concealed in the movie on purpose. The series has smartly left this crucial portion so that the second part could be made based on this note.

The best part about the Hobbs and Shaw part 2 is the fact that Keanu Reeves may feature as the villain in the second part. This is something which has been the reason why fans are so curious about the second part. The trio of Johnson, Statham, and Reeves itself is more than sufficient to accentuate the adrenaline rush. The second part of the movie could be a trendsetter in itself if the trio is cast coupled with a brilliant storyline.

Is the second part confirmed for Hobbs and Shaw?

There are a lot of factors that eventually decide the sequel of a movie. It has a lot to do with the commercials as only a commercially feasible project gets investments. Even if the film has a large fan following, there is commercial, marketing, analytics that goes into the renewal of a movie sequel. So there are ample chances of having a second part as the Hobbs and Shaw made a whopping $1.24B, where the project cost was around $200M. So commercially, it did well, and the total earnings will bring investors for sure, and this is the very reason we think the franchise will give another shot at it.

Although the recent pandemic has changed things and most of the pre-planned filming schedules are on hold. So this can delay the project too, so even if we assume everything goes right, an exact timeline can’t be predicted at this point. So hold your horses and wait for an official announcement and hope we get to see the trio of Johnson, Statham, and Reeves.

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