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You season 3 On Netflix? Do We Have A Release Date? Everything You Should Know


The series has been one of the most anticipated ones, and there isn’t any doubt that fans are curious about the status of season three. The second season was quite promising and ended things on a cliffhanger, which accentuated the curiosity for a third season. So if you haven’t watched the series, this will be the best time to binge-watch the series.

Off late things haven’t been good for all of us. No matter where you live, at which continent or in which country, lives have come down to a crashing halt all of a sudden. Isolation has become the new normal, and we understand what does it feel to live in completely new living conditions. In that case, you need something like “You” to binge-watch. The show is an intriguing one, and there is no chance on earth that you wouldn’t even remember what’s going out there in the world.

So let’s dive into the details and see the status of the third season’s renewal.

You' Season 3

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Is the renewal confirmed for the third season?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the renewal of the third season. The series ended on such a note in the second season that it will be naive to assume that the series won’t be renewed for the third season. So you don’t have to worry about it, just because you don’t have an official announcement, it doesn’t mean that the series won’t be renewed.

Although an official announcement was expected in early 2020, the recent turn of events has disturbed the entire calendar. Almost all the shows have been delayed. So once things go back to normal, it’s very much anticipated that the series will be renewed for the third season.

Do we have an exact date for the renewal?

No, as of now, no exact date. But the season’s renewal was supposed to be announced in early 2020. So if we take the standard time for renewal, it is very much possible that we may get the third season by mid-2021. The first season was released on 26th December 2018, and the second season was released exactly a year later on 26th December 2019. So the expected release date should have been 26th December 2020, but we are taking the recent disruptions into account and expect the series to be renewed by mid-2021.

What’s going to be the storyline for the third season of You?

The second season was a promising one, and there was a plethora of question which were left unanswered in the second season. The series has already shown suspicious stuff, and the second season’s end showed how Joe was staring at their new neighbor as if he knew about them. This time a kid is going to be there, so it will be interesting to see how they are going to alienate their kid from their dark history. Not much has been revealed about the third season. Once things become official, we will update you with the same.

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