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Ozark Season 3: Ending Explained! Here’s What Really Happened


The last episode of Ozark has left almost all of us speechless. The situation in the last episode went so fast that it would have been tough for anyone to paraphrase things. The overall season has been fabulous, and we are expecting that all of you must have seen it by now as they are going to be spoilers for sure. So if you are someone who has only heard of the tangled ending of the last episode and wanted to know the details, you should stop reading the article right now.

Things went south this season, and terrible things started to happen right from the beginning. The series has been more of a life lesson for Wendy Byrde as till now, and she was taking way more risk than she was expected to take. Wendy Byrde boarded a plane with Marty and Helen to stop a baptism at Navarro’s family, but she didn’t have the slightest hint of what’s going to happen to her and how she is putting everybody’s life in danger. Upon their arrival they were treated most terrifically, Helen was shot point-blank. This turned out to showcase the extent of trouble they have got themselves into.

Ozark Season 3 Ending Explained

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She was living because Navarro thought that they had convinced the FBI to eliminate the rival cartel, but that wasn’t the case. Eventually, she did realize by the end of the season that not telling the truth doesn’t get unanswered when you are dealing with Navarro Cartel. Now the problem starts to erupt with the Byrde family. They started losing ally’s one after another.

Losing Helen and Ruth was one of the biggest setbacks. You do need a devil’s advocate if you have an illegal casino business. Although Helen had been more of a problem for the family than help at the end of the day, an attorney from the DA’s office of NYC isn’t going to come for your rescue. You need someone like Helen to deal with all the mess you have created. So losing Helen wasn’t a win-win for them.

If we think of Ruth, well, that was a hell of a setback, and there is no chance on earth that they won’t have to pay a heavy price in the fourth season. The end of the third season made it loud and clear as they have to handover the casino business to someone else. So this is going to be way more problematic than it appears to be.

This season’s end made it way too clear to the Byrde family that they can trust nobody. Even their closest ally Omar Navarro is a psycho and goes out of his mind yet on the slightest hint of betrayal. So this time around one thins which is clear is that they don’t have any choice but to convince the FBI to hunt down Omar Navarro’s rival. But everyone is out there for a piece of cake. They have to strike a balance between these disturbing elements to work in sync, or else they would end up in an unimaginable crisis.

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