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Killing Eve: Season 3? 5 Crucial Things We Know So Far


Killing Eve is the new entrant in the list of shows who have made an earlier appearance to help the fans pass their boredom in times of isolation. So this is something which has been revealed in the latest trailer, which showed that the series would be making an early entry. So the new trailer hasn’t restricted itself to a mere preponed date announcement, and there is much more to it. So we will try to explore those unsaid things in the trailer, which has been smartly sneaked with the new trailer.

Most important facts you should know if you are a die-hard fan of Killing Eve?
  • The best thing should be said at first, and yes, the good news is that the series has been renewed for the fourth season even before the series has aired the third season. There couldn’t be a better reflection of the series where the next season is renewed even before the upcoming season is aired. So this sums up the popularity among all the age brackets of society. And the storyline so far has been brilliant, and this is the reason for early renewal coupled with the announcement for the next season.
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  • The new date for the renewal of the third season is set on 12th April 2020. This is something that is elating for the fans as the series was left at such a spot that fans were overtly curious to know the intricacies of the next season.
  • The series has been preponed to help the fans bear with isolation, and it will be premiering simultaneously on BBC America and AMC. The times are tough, and now the isolation and social distancing have become the new normal. And people are finding it tough to adhere to the norms, but still, this is the need of the hour and a time to stand by the nation and stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • The third season will not only see a change in the storyline, but there is a change at the structural level too. The series has replaced Emerald Fennel with Suzanne Heathcote(who also happens to be the scriptwriter for the Fear the Walking Dead). So this time around, the storyline is expected to see a major overhaul, and somewhat similar vibes are coming from the trailer too. This season was a much-anticipated one, and a change in the showrunner has accentuated the expectations from the series.
  • The show is not only caring about the fans, but the producers are loyal to the whole team of the Killing Eve. The showrunners have been changed in the subsequent seasons, but that doesn’t mean the earlier showrunners have been shown the door. No, they will remain as an integral part of the series but in a different role. They will remain as executive producers and co-showrunners. So they have just switched places, and the series will be getting insights from them.

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