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Major Update For WWE: Roman Reigns Reportedly Removed From His WrestleMania 36 Match Against Goldberg


WWE is confronting a fight in their grasp to effectively have WrestleMania 36 amid the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States. Effectively compelled to air from a vacant Performance Center,

Official Report

As per a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, Roman Reigns mentioned to be expelled from his WrestleMania 36 match against Goldberg for the Universal Championship due to coronavirus concerns. Rules’ invulnerable framework is undermined because of his ongoing fight with leukemia, and he would not like to take a risk with his health. WWE is said to have regarded the honored and replaced Reigns in the session.


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US Wrestling production, Pro Wrestling Sheet broke out the news expressing Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship coordinate against Hall of Famer Goldberg is currently off as the organization is compelled to haul Reigns out of WrestleMania 36. WWE insider Ryan Satin noticed that Roman Reigns communicated to WWE that ‘he didn’t feel good doing anything else of the Performance Center shows during the coronavirus pandemic.’

Is Roman Reign Pulled Out From The Match

Expert Wrestling Sheet further reports, WWE has regarded another person who will presently replace his request and Reigns in the match against Universal Champion Goldberg. At the hour of composing, it remains who will supplant Reigns or whether the title will be in question for the temporary match.

It was before detailed that WWE had been taping the WrestleMania 36 matches ahead of time in front of the booked date of April 4. In any case, it stays obscure if Goldberg’s match has just been taped or if that despite everything needs to occur.

What About Roman Reign’s Health

Roman Reigns had been standing out as truly newsworthy this previous week as WWE too the Big Dog raised worries over his heath during the coronavirus outbreak. Reigns have been determined to have leukemia twice previously, with one being in October 2018 during his time in the WWE. The wrestler had to give up the Universal Championship title and even put a hold on the organization for his treatment.

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