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The Weeknd: New Song About Selena Gomez? Fans Suspect


Well, if you are waiting for a vaccine for COVID-19, its gonna take some time, but The Weeknd has come with an antidote for your isolation. The internet took The Weeknd’s new album “After Hours” by storm as within the first few minutes of its release, and the album was the most talked topic on twitter. Within minutes, 250K tweets flooded and became the top trending topic on twitter.

Similar reactions were seen on Instagram and Facebook too. There is not even one fan of The Weeknd who can single out one song as his favorite since all the songs are ecstatic. The songs are paraphernalia to the dope music as the pitch itself will take you to an altogether different level of enlightenment. The songs don’t need any explanation, or any words would demean the class of album. The album’s first song “Alone Again” itself will tell you the genesis of the album.

So if you aren’t feeling good in the self-inflicted isolation due to the coronavirus, there is no better way to have your evening drink than with the new album titled “After Hours.” The album has songs for all the moods, but we do know the history of The Weeknd and Selena Gomez, so if you would hear the songs, almost every song seems to be relatable to her. But there are certain tracks which can be attributed to the lost love between The Weeknd and Selena Gomez.

If you are looking precisely for one song, then it could be “Save your tears.” The song has everything which The Weeknd would have wanted to say to her, but he said all this in this song. So there is a lot of sensational breaking doing rounds on the internet. This has changed the things, and now the release of the new album is seen to be a PR stunt by many as they feel The Weeknd is using his relationship for a big shot.

But frankly speaking, who gives a damn as the new album should be judged on the music quality and his voice. These songs can be relatable to anybody who had a breakup or if you are thinking about your ex. So judging a song on his intent and discrediting the entire effort is a sheer display of ignorance. These songs are loved by many as each one of us has a dark side, which we want to forget and try to keep it too. And these songs would ignite fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of emotion.

It will be an injustice to The Weeknd if the songs are judged on any other criteria but the quality of the songs. And anything concrete can be said only if a rebuttal comes from Selena Gomez. So now we have to wait for her new album and see if he gets a reply from his long lost love, which used to be one of the most talked topics back then.

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