Homecoming on Amazon Prime was provided an underlying series request for two seasons, and fans have been standing by nearly 12 months for the second part to show up. Insights concerning the forthcoming second series are beginning to be released including the reality artist and vocalist,

We’ve constantly realized a second season was coming since the show was gotten with a two-season deal from the beginning. Yet, insights regarding Season 2 have been held near the vest by Amazon Studios and co-makers Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg. We do have some information to share about the new season, however, including a normal debut date, cast details, and a couple of little spoilers.

Release Date

From the start Homecoming Season, one seemed to recount to a total story, rendering any future seasons superfluous. In any case, a second season has consistently been likely to work out for Homecoming. Homecoming Season 2

Source: DeadlineHomecoming season 2 is set to show up on Amazon Prime in the springtime of 2020 for the fans.

Cast Updates

The greatest expansion for Homecoming season 2 is the giving of Janelle Monáe, a role as the series of a new lead.

Season 1 cast individuals will return, however. Up until now, a few cast individuals from Season 1 have been affirmed to return for Season 2

  • Stephan James (Walter)
  • Bobby Cannavale (Colin)
  • Hong Chau (Audrey)
  • Shea Whigham (Thomas)
  • Chris Cooper Leonard),
  • Jeremy Allen White (Shrier)

Expected Storyline

The suspenseful thrill ride, in light of a digital recording of a similar name, recounted to the tale of Heidi Bergman, an instructor in a secretly run retreat for returning war veterans who get to know an enchanting youthful warrior, Walter Cruz.

Through the span of the series, we found that the Homecoming office isn’t helping the warriors, it’s being controlled by an obscure pharmaceutical organization called Geist which is siphoning them with narcotics that professes to treat PTSD, however, is erasing their memories so the legislature can’t redeploy them.

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