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West Side Story: Release Date, First Look And Other Details

by Albert Luke Walker

A much-awaited moment had come for Steven Spielberg when he decided to make his childhood dream come true. As a kid, we all live in our whims and fancies, but Steven Spielberg had his desires, and now his dream will take the face of reality this December when the movie will be released on 18th December 2020.

About The Movie

Steven Spielberg remembers his time as a kid when her pianist mother played the classical back in the 1950s. His whole family loved classical music, and his upbringing has a musical overtone to it, which makes the movie worth watching apart from the name of Steven Spielberg itself.

The film is set to bring the essence of romance and crime to the much-awaited film, which is going to bring a lot about human nature. The movie underscores the inherently human nature of deceit and opportunism, which showcases the real face of this machiavellian world. The movie is based in New York, where youngsters fall in love, and they end up cheating each other in furtherance of their self-interests. It shows how people undermine everything just because they have a vested interest in every relationship.

West Side Story: Release Date, First Look And Other Details

Source: SlashFilm

Storyline For The Movie

The storyline is inspired by the show titled West Side Story, which was released in 1957 and penned down by Arthur Laurents. Life inspires this movie in New York, where racism, cultural clashes, and love all happens at the same time, and this is what inspired Steven Spielberg to release a movie with the same title as of the show.

Puerto Rican, who is the lead character who is a migrant, settled in New York. This is something that may hint you the genesis of the movie. The movie portrays how difficult life becomes when you have to deal with a ton of stuff when you migrate to a new country.

West Side Story is a movie that shows how to live within the harshest moments of your life and how these moments of hardship shapes your character. Showing love and doing love in these times is the most challenging task for anyone.

The movie is a long-awaited dream of Steven Spielberg, and he is leaving no stone unturned to make it the best movie he ever made. We all strive hard to make our childhood dream a reality, and the same drive can be seen in Steven Spielberg’s zeal for this movie. He is so concerned about the intricacies that he is not leaving anything to chance or gossip.

He wants everything refined and original, and this can be understood from every aspect of the film. Right from the storyline of the movie, where he is relying on Tony Kushner, who is an accomplished writer. He is also concerned about the cast, and this can be understood by his selection of Hispanic characters as he is casting only Hispanics for the intended role.

Anyway, Steven Spielberg and perfection are synonymous, which itself suffices to prove that the movie is going to be a blockbuster.

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