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Bad Therapy: Alicia Silverstone And Rob Corddry Shine In The First Trailer

by Albert Luke Walker

The trailer of Bad therapy got the fans by the nerve as the storyline seems to be way too appealing, and there is a lot that we can talk about once we decipher the trailer. The trailer where Alicia Silverstone And Rob Corddry are shown as a couple has a unique appeal to it, and fans are crazy to see it. But the first trailer has come and now we will try to explore those aspects which in our point of view are going to shape the course of the movie.

The movie will be centralized around a couple who went to a therapist, but things were destined to go the way, which is unexpected in every possible sense. There is a lot that is there in the first trailer itself. The trailer shows Michaela Watkins as a therapist along with Alicia Silverstone And Rob Corddry, who walks into her clinic for seeking advice.

But a sudden turn of events brings everything to an unprecedented turn where the therapist broke her vows, and she starts to ill-advise her client, i.e., Alicia Silverstone And Rob Corddry. So the Bad Therapy name is justified by this logic, and it will be interesting to see how the movie portrays the character of a therapist.

There has been a lot of movies on different professions who take evil routes in furtherance of their satanic goals, but there isn’t a movie on a therapist who turns down her morale and starts working on breaking a marriage. Alicia Silverstone And Rob Corddry will be playing the role of Susan, and Bob Howard, who went to their worst nightmare in the face of a Bad Therapist named Judy Small. This changes their lives forever as they went there to seek marriage advice, and the therapist was hell-bent on breaking their marriage.

So how things change the course in the film?

At the beginning of the film, there is nothing wrong, and everything seems to be completely ok, and there are scarce chances of anything wrong with the story. But the couple’s emotional drama somehow triggers the therapist’s mind, and she starts to behave abnormally and her dark instincts surfaces for the first time. This is something that is going to bring the real essence of the film to the forefront.

She starts using their differences to part their ways further, and she does this with both Alicia Silverstone and Rob Corddry. She starts to play dirty tricks on them, and this constraint the already tensed relationship. So this is how things are going to go to the film and thus make it a worth watch.

Lately, things haven’t been normal amid the outbreak of COVID-19. Most of the theatres are shut, and governments across the globe have put a strict restriction on the mass gathering. They are so keeping all this in mind the producers have decided to go for a digital release this time. The film will be releasing on 17th April this year.

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