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Alert Supernatural Fans! You Can Now Buy Billboards In Canada To Honour The Cast And Crew

by Albert Luke Walker

Amid the rising uncertainties in the present times due to COVID-19, finally, there is something good that has come to us. Supernatural fans have planned a truly incredible farewell to the series, which aired for the last time this Monday. The series aired its twelfth episode of the fifteenth season, and the fans bid adieu was a unique one. Fans have shown their love for their favorite show by purchasing two billboards in Canada.

Fans showered their love by displaying an emotional thank you message, which reads, “Thank you Supernatural cast & crew for 15 wonderful seasons”. This was an emotional moment for the whole production team as there are few shows in the world where fans are so connected to the series. The billboard message was also unique in the sense that they have written “Thank you” in different languages, showing the global reach of the show.

Supernatural cast & crew for 15 wonderful seasons

Source: ET Canada

This message becomes more important because the last episode was supposed to be aired on 18th May, but the recent outbreak of the coronavirus has halted the whole world. The show was also halted as there is a rising concern among people across the globe as to what may happen the other day?

Uncertainties have gripped the whole world, and people are more scared than ever. There is a lot that is happening across the globe, and almost all the TV series have stopped their production, many releases are halted because of the recent orders from the government regarding social distancing.

Fans were sharing their pic with the billboard, and it’s an elating feeling for the production team as their fans didn’t forget to thank their favorite show even when the COVID-19 virus has engulfed the whole world. There is a rising concern among people, and the recent social distancing has made things worse. The whole world seems to be in lockdown, and no one can move from one place to another. All the major airports, train stations are getting closed, and this has made life terrible.

Most of the fans were expecting to see the end of their favorite show, but the production process has been halted after the government’s order to avoid mass gathering. Most of the people are either staying in their homes or working from home. All the Major companies have stopped their production process, and if this continues, things are going to be terrible. Although countries across the globe have stepped up the research process, and it would be great if a vaccine could be developed at the earliest to reduce the loss of human lives.

The entertainment industry is also suffering from the menace of the virus, almost all the production process has been halted. All the major TV series and films have stopped filming, so the supernatural can’t remain untouched. Please stay at your home and binge watch new shows and keep yourself in quarantine until this menace goes away from the world.

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